Deltech Hi-Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers - HTD Series

Remove harmful moisture from your compressed air system with Deltech Refrigerated Air Dryers.

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High Inlet Temperature Deltech Refrigerated Air Dryers

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High Inlet Temperature
to 180ºF - 20 to 125 scfm
Deltech Refrigerated
Air Dryers.

Cool, dry and clean your
compressed air supply in a
single, compact package
with a Deltech HTD Series
Compressed Air Dryer.

For air systems needing to accept high temperature air directly from your air compressor...
no separate aftercooler and separator needed

• Replaces separate aftercoolerl, separator, dryer and filter.

• Ideal for auto body shops, auto service centers and commerical and industrial facilities with 5 to 30 horsepower compressors.

• Deltech offers this HTD Series of refrigerated compressed air dryers to provide clean dry compressed air for high inlet temperature applications.

• This series is a complete engineered system that includes an aftercooler, refrigerated air dryer, separator, filter, and drain valve all in one unit.

• Dries, removes moisture, elinimates troublesome water from downstream air lines and equipment.

• Allows compressed air equipment to work at peak efficiency.

• An integral 3 micron filter removes solid contaminates and 60% of oil aerosols.

• Continuously dries and cleans without adjustments.

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