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Deltech Refrigerated Air Dryers for Compressed Air Systems

Deltech Basic Air Dryer 
Basic Refrigerated
Compressed Air Dryers
by Deltech

10 to 500 scfm
Deltech HydroGard-HGD100 Air Dryer
Cycling Refrigerated
Compressed Air Dryers
By Deltech
5 Yr. Warranty Available
Deltech High Inlet Temp Dryer - HTD50-125 
High Inlet Temperature
Compressed Air Dryers
by Deltech

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Remove harmful moisture from Compressed Air with Deltech

10 to 500 scfm
Basic Refrigerated Air Dryer

For facilities with small to medium sized air systems that simply want
dry air, reliability and an affordable price.

-Deltech HG and HGE Series compressed air dryers use refrigeration cooling to condense entrained moisture out of your air system.
-Time saving package is easy to install.
-Condensate is removed from the air stream by an automatic drain valve.
-Fully automatic operation adapts to your system needs without complicated controls.
-Dew Point indication verifies performance (HG25-HGE500)
-Models HGE75 - HGE500 utilize a stainless steel chevron plate angle heat exchanger that provides high heat transfer and low fouling risk.

Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers for energy saving dry air

Deltech HydroGard-HGD100 Air Dryers


Deltech FLEX Series Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

Deltech’s FLEX Series is a great solution to helping provide reliable and economical dry compressed air.
This innovative technology does not require a recirculating pump and associated piping.
All this results in a more energy efficient and simplified design.

Deltech High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers

Deltech High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers

High Inlet Temperature to 180ºF - 20 to 125 scfm
Deltech Refrigerated Air Dryer

For air systems needing to accept high temperature air directly from your air compressor...
no separate aftercooler and separator needed

-Deltech offers this HTD Series of refrigerated air dryers to provide clean dry compressed air for high inlet temperature applications.
-This series is a complete engineered system that includes an aftercooler, refrigerated air dryer, separator, filter, and drain valve all in one unit.
-Dries, removes moisture, elinimates troublesome water from downstream air lines and equipment.
-Allows compressed air equipment to work at peak efficiency.
-An integral 3 micron filter removes solid contaminates and 60% of oil aerosols.
-Continuously dries and cleans without adjustments.

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Refrigerated Air Dryers - Q & A

Q. How does Water get in your compressed air?

A. Compressor inlet
Water vapor (humidity-moisture) enters the air system through the air compressor inlet air filter. The air compressor sucks in approximately 7 cubic feet of atmospheric air at 0 psig, and that volume of air is compressed into 1 cubic feet of air at 100 psig. The water vapor (humidity-moisture) that was in the 7 cubic feet of atmospheric air is now compressed into 1 cubic feet of compressed air.

There are 3 forms of water in compressed air:

1.         Liquid water

2.         Aerosol (mist)

3.         Vapor (gas)

Liquid water is easily removed by general purpose filters. They remove 98% of the liquid water and less than 10% water mist & 0% vapor. Water in Aerosol or Vapor form requires the use of a Compressed Air Dryer. For every 50°F drop in compressed air temperature, the moisture holding capacity of air is reduced by 50%. Drying prevents liquid water forming downstream where it can contaminate or damage the system causing operating problems, costly maintenance, and repairs.

Deltech is a proud member of the SPX Dehydration & Filtration family of companies that include Delair, Dollinger, Hankison Air Dryers, Kemp, Pneumatic Products,, & Vokes

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